On Our Journey


We had been cage diving once before, a couple years back on New Year’s Day in Gisborne, New Zealand and it was amazing. Unfortunately we “only” witnessed a rather large Mako Shark and a Blue Shark, but not a Great White that we had been hoping to see. While spending six months in South Africa in 2014, we knew we had to do it again — the southwestern coast of Africa is known as the shark haven of the world.

We lowered ourselves into the metal cage that was tied down alongside of our boat. This was easier said than done, as we had to be very careful not to accidentally step into the holes of the cage, as the sharks could easily bite off one of our feet or legs. As our adrenaline pumped, the first of eight Great Whites suddenly appeared right in front of us. It was hard to believe that surfers were riding one wave after another only two miles north from us, fully aware of the many man-eaters around. #livethejourney


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