The word “wicked” is widely used in the northeastern region of the US and describes the state of going beyond reasonable or predictable. In other words, it’s slang for “totally, very, extremely or really”. “Lekker” is an Afrikaans word, which means “awesome, cool, tasty, sweet, luscious and amazing”.
We feel combining both words captures exactly what our brand is about: Totally Awesome
The idea for Wicked Lekker was born during one of our many travels in Africa. Our brand is a testament to the stunning beauty of the South African desert in a celebration of travel through taste. A free-flowing, wind-take-you spirit breathes in an easy nomadic feel, inviting identification with the adventures that uncover the flavors of a far away place to welcome and finish each day with a deep, sweet cup of Rooibos Tea.
By personalizing the curation of organic rooibos, moringa, wildflower honey, and emphasizing respect for their source, we created a trustworthy sense of selection and enthusiasm for sharing, distinct from any tinges of cultural exploitation, generic commercial noise or manufactured hype that may characterize our competitors. We are, instead, authentically exotic: a welcoming, wholesome, rove-inspired slip-away, always ready to go …
In the spirit of giving back to the place we love, we are donating to the Elephant Crisis Fund, a collaboration of the Wildlife Conservation Network and Save The Elephants, to support the most effective projects aimed to stop the ivory trade.

\\ Our ingredients \\

Organic Moringa

Moringa is a plant that is native to parts of Africa and Asia and is nicknamed “the tree of life”, as it is packed with 93 nutrients, 46 natural antioxidants and 9 essential amino acids. The trees are very sustainable and grow quickly, reaching a height of between 15 to 30 feet within just a few years. The leaves, bark, flowers, fruit, seeds and roots are eaten as nutritious foods.

Organic Rooibos

Rooibos (pronounced roy-bos) in Afrikaans means Red Bush and grows only in the mountainous Cederberg region on the Western Cape in South Africa. It is a staple in South African homes and in recent decades it has become increasingly popular globally for its naturally caffeine-free, calming and health-enhancing properties. Rooibos is a shrubby legume and in the strictest sense it’s not a tea, but an herbal infusion with a unique, sweet and earthy taste.

Our Story

Having lost everything in a 2007 California Wildfire, we decided to relocate to Mylan’s hometown at the tip of Cape Cod, where we opened and operated a very successful, top rated seasonal restaurant. In the winters we recharged our spiritual batteries and refueled our creativity by travelling extensively, visiting 65 countries so far and counting. Last year we decided to sell our restaurant and go back to Africa for several months, where we were inspired for our new business venture over a cup of Rooibos Tea.

\\ Our Mission \\

During our travels we were saddened to discover that every 15 minutes an elephant is killed for its tusks. We believe in giving back and a percentage of our profits will go to the Elephant Crisis Fund in Africa, an initiative between the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) and Save The Elephants in Kenya. The WCN was ranked by Charity Navigator, one of America’s largest charity evaluators, as a top rated wildlife conservation nonprofit for their financial efficiency, transparency and accountability. We are donating 3% of our profits to support the most effective projects aimed to stop the ivory trade. wildnet.org/elephantcrisis-fund